Karaoke: Sing-Along

Sometimes, You will be so good at singing when you sing along with the song, and you would often go poor, feel awkward when you sing without the song’s Instrumentals/background. It Happens!

To test how well you sing, you require a Karaoke-Version of the song. The practice of Karaoke was originally developed in Japan in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music.

karaoke devices were developed for displaying lyrics on a video screen along with changing color to guide the singer. It made a trend in the 1990s by spreading to the rest of Asia and other countries. Soon, video games were created with “Karaoke Studio” associated with Nintendo. Personally, I was so curious enough to learn how to convert a song to its Karaoke by removing all the vocals in it.

Many softwares such as Adobe Audition, NCH Wavepad, and Audacity are available for audio editing. But, Let’s go ahead with Audacity, a free sound editing tool available in all platforms.

Step #1. Open any Song of your choice in Audacity. I chose Ennodu Nee irunthaal from the Movie I.

Step #2. Split the left and right Stereo tracks by clicking the name of the track. Choose Split stereo track. This would split the left and right hand channel in 2 different tracks.

Note: This will only work when the left and right channels of a stereo track both contain equal amounts of the same vocals “

Step #3. Now, choose the Right-hand channel and Apply the Invert effect by clicking in ️ Effects ▶️ Invert

To know what happens exactly when you Invert, try to zoom the timeline such that there will be a wiggly line going up and down across a horizontal zero line representing the string of the instrumentals.

When you choose the invert effect, the Positive samples are moved below the zero line, and negative samples are made positive. In simple, It flips the audio samples upside down.

Step #4. Convert both the tracks to Mono. Select Tracks ▶️ Add New ▶️ Mono Track. (I have added two empty mono tracks for left and right channels)

Step #5. Copy the audio source and paste it in Mono tracks. By making this, we are just Converting a stereo track to a Mono track.

Step #6. (Optional) If you still hear vocals in the tracks, you can equalize the left-hand channel by selecting Effect ▶️ Equalization in the menu option.

Choose from 120–200 Hertz from the Equalization area, which would now definitely remove all the bass (vocals) from the left-hand channels.

And You are Good to Go!

Here is the Karaoke that I made with Ennodu Nee Irunthaal.


Reach out to me: https://www.instagram.com/vasanth_vanan/



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