Google grows..and grows despite facing so many obstacles ! So Ever Wondered how this google Actually works! I had this question right from the day I got unbelievable results when I google search !

Suppose you search for a term, say “ amazon ”, and you hit Enter, all related websites,images would be filtered and displayed..

Woah!😍 2,21,00,00,000 results in 0.57 seconds!! How’s that Possible?

Screenshot of a Google Search

Here are some more questions that might arise..

  1. Why the first 10 results are always listed first outof Millions of results? Is there any Priority Process goingOn ?
  2. Whether you have to pay for your website to make your website visible all at the Top in your search ?
  3. How Google actually indexes and filters the search within the database handling millions of data ?
  4. And Last What’s those Ads doing there at the top in every web searches ?

To Know What Exactly Happens in a web search One should deeply understand about SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).

I am Here just to give a Overview of a web search that I heard and learnt on Internet. So a Web search depends on two important things:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing

Crawling — has so many names in this industry..sometime people call as Spiders,robots whatever! It is a Software Program that is sent by the search engine to collect new information from a new web page, and they download them to their database server.

Google crawls (downloads) and indexes the copies of websites to their server before they get into the search Process. When crawling come to your website , they follow other linked pages also on your website.

Then.. How does the first 10 results are chosen ? Well, its PageRank , a Algorithm used by the google search to Rank websites. No one Can be Paid to rank a Particular Website. PageRank is used to determine a page’s relevance or importance for a particular keyword. The More readers visits your Website.. or the more links Google crawls your Website.. there are more chances that your website might listdown in Top ten results.

“ There are millions of websites on this earth. Is everyone satisfied with the crawling and indexing Process? No! Most people are left Unhappy and still wondering why their articles aren’t getting indexed. ” — #ShoutmeLoud

Here is a Demonstration on PageRank Algorithm. The moment you start to search.. Spiders start to fetch few webpages that are closely related to your keyword..then they follow those links on some other webpages that are likely relevant.. and Endup with Most Possible Website that you Need..

Image Taken from

Consider the above Results.. PageRank of B being 38.4% is greater than the PageRank of C outof which Page B is effectively linked to all pages in the web.

Note: Above Results are shown in Percentage.. Google uses a Logarithmatic Scale for accurate results.

Image taken from

Recent Meme I came Across Facebook.. The less keywords you give.. the More relevant Search you May get back.. It is advised that PageRank works well on 5–8 keywords for More relevant Results.

Advanced Google Search:

Here are some tricks for a Better Google Search.. Try it Yourself..!!

Allintitle Syntax:

If you want to Search a word in all the titles of the webpage then, include allintitle: Cheetah

When you type the above in Google search, You will get all results having keyword Cheetah in Website’s Title.

Screenshot of Google Search

Allinurl Syntax:

If you want to search a word in all the URLs try using inurl: song lyrics

When you type the above in Google search, You will get all results having song lyrics in Website’s URL.

Screenshot of Google Search

Site Syntax

This Operator is used to search particular word on a Particular including python django site:

When you type the above in Google search, You will get all results having keyword python django in

ScreenShot of Google Search

Type Syntax

This Operator helps to find files easily and downloads with one click. If you want to study a Tutorial note that is available in internet you can include type at end of the search. xss cross site scripting tutorial type:pdf

When you type the above in Google search, You will get all results having downloadable files of the keyword.

ScreenShot of Google Search


There lot more Commands and syntax for better Search! Search it if you are really interested on it.. and Comment it if i missed Something.

Google — The Product That everyone uses atleast Once Everyday.. But Are We using it Correctly? Are we Searching in the way it has to be ? 😐

Thanks for Reading it.. ! Clap for me if you really liked it..

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Happy Googling ! 🙏🏼

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